What is Expedia? - Technology Company focused on Providing Travel Solutions

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1. What is Expedia?

Expedia is a technology company which is focused on delivering flight ticket reservation and hotel and taxi reservation electronically via an website and mobile apps.

Unlike going to an airliner's website to choose a destination and a date that you are wish to travel, by using Expedia, users can select different options to travel via different routes and choose the best possible airfares for the journey.

In addition to the airfares, users also can choose hotels to stay and make a reservation on a rented car for the journey to travel along with.

2. History

Expedia was founded in 22nd of October 1996 as a Division of Microsoft Inc. And incorporated by being a separate entity in 1999 and went public. Expedia acquired several companies which were in the same business stream like travel and hospitality to make services more strengthen in different regions and destinations.

Expedia operates as a public company by traded on NASDAQ stock exchange under the code of EXPE. Expedia is currently headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA.