What is DigitalOcean? - An American Cloud Computing Service Provider

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1. What is DigitalOcean?

Digital Ocean is an American Cloud Infrastructure provider which provides cloud computing solutions and various other computing services. The products of DigitalOcean is wide to choose and almost all the requirements of a computing solution in cloud, private cloud, dedicated server and many more can be accommodated via DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean is chosen by large number of user groups to achieve wide range of solutions including cloud computing, storage and network loading handling purposes. DigitalOcean does have large number of datacenter across the globe to cater the high demand of computing requirements.

2. History

DigitalOcean is founded by Moisey Uretsky, Ben Uretsky, Jeff Carr, Alec Hartman and Mitch Wainer in 24th June 2011. By raising capital from multiple seed campaigns DigitalOcean expanded the business to multiple geo-locations and to multiple technology advancements like SSD.

DigitalOcean is currently operates private and headquartered in New York, USA. DigitalOcean serve wide range of clients from different regions and different requirement from startups, individuals to large companies.