What is BOSE? - Quality Audio Manufacture


1. What is BOSE?

BOSE is high quality audio product manufacturing brand which develop, manufactures high quality audio products. Product range of BOSE includes with the headphones, headsets, home speakers, car speakers, portable speakers and etc...

BOSE's audio products are used in the aviation industries, automobile industries, manufacturing industries and many more.

2. History

Bose was founded by Amar Bose in 1964. The idea to develop a better quality audio products came to Amar's mind after purchasing an audio product and found that the quality of the audio product isn't good enough and quality of audio that produce wasn't good enough for Amar.

Amar was a graduate student from MIT when he started researching about ways to make better sound quality audio products that can make audio and music more enjoyable and embedded with high quality. Amar kept researching and making better quality audio products and Amar offered non voting shares of BOSE Corporation to MIT in 2011 which enables a part of company's profits goes to MIT.

BOSE operates as a private limited company and BOSE is currently headquartered in Massachusetts, USA.