What is Apple Pay? - Explained


Apple Pay Logo

1. What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital card wallet developed and designed by Apple Inc. By using Apple Pay users can make payments in person, can make payments for iOS apps and websites and etc... Apple Pay has digitized the authenticating features in chip and PIN transaction authentication by contactless communication features like NFC, Touch ID, Face ID, PIN or Passcode and etc...

Users can use Apple Pay in iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac to make seamless transactions without worrying about the data privacy and security because Apple Pay handles all that for the user.

2. History

Apple initially released the Apple Pay on 20th October 2014. Before the initial launch of Apple Pay, Apple has done few homework by acquiring startups, filing patents for payments and hiring executives who does have experience in the payment industry.

Apple partnered with the American Express, MasterCard and VISA to build the seamless project and easy to use with minimal charges for the user. Apple announced about the Apple Pay in 9th September 2014 in the iPhone 6 release event.

3. Supported Countries

Apple Pay supports in 32 countries currently and there are multiple other countries that Apple is working on to allow Apple Pay for their users.

Supported CountryDate
United States of America20th October 2014
United Kingdom14th July 2015
Canada17th November 2015
Australia19th November 2015
China18th February 2016
Singapore19th April 2016
Switzerland7th July 2016
France19th July 2016
Hong Kong20th July 2016
Russia4th October 2016
New Zealand13th October 2016
Japan25th October 2016
Spain1st December 2016
Ireland7th March 2017
Guemsey7th March 2017
Isle of Man7th March 2017
Jersey7th March 2017
Taiwan29th March 2017
Italy17th May 2017
San Marino17th May 2017
Vatican City17th May 2017
Sweden24th October 2017
Denmark24th October 2017
Finland24th October 2017
United Arab Emirates24th October 2017
Brazil4th April 2018
Ukraine17th May 2018
Poland19th June 2018
Norway20th June 2018
Kazakhstan28th November 2018
Belgium28th November 2018
Germany11th December 2018