What is Adyen? - Electronic Payment Processing Company


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1. What is Adyen?

Adyen is a global payment processing technology company which offer solutions for their customers to process payment around the world.

Primarily Adyen provides merchants to receive payment from their customers in a single platform which can get connected to wide range of payment options including credit card payments, bank payments, digital wallet payments and etc...

Adyen serves wide range of startups, large enterprises, e-commerce businesses by their product line which are built to plug and play for the user. Users can pay by their favorite payment type and merchants can accept almost any type of payments from their customers because of Adyen platform.

2. History

Adyen is founded by Amout Schuijff in 2006. Adyen operates as a public company as it's listed for public trading on Euronext under the code of ADYEN. Adyen is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.