What is Adobe Lightroom? - Photo Editing Software by Adobe

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1. What is Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom is a software application by Adobe Inc. Adobe Lightroom is dedicated to edit photos and images which, view photos and images, do color corrections, make adjustments to brightness and contrast and etc...

Adobe Lightroom is available by apps for operating system platforms including Mac OS, Windows OS, Android OS and iOS OS also.

2. History

Initial release of Adobe Lightroom was released on 19th September 2017.

3. Versions

After the initial release of the Adobe Lightroom, there were multiple releases which were released by Adobe Inc to cater the demand of the app by users on different platforms.

Version CodeReleased Date
Lightroom 1.019th February 2007
Lightroom 2.0April 2008
Lightroom 3.022nd October 2009
Lightroom 4.05th March 2012
Lightroom 5.09th June 2013
Lightroom CC 201521st April 2015