What is Adobe InDesign? - Publishing and Typesetting Software

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1. What is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is a software product by Adobe Inc. Adobe InDesign is developed for desktop publishing and typesetting. Majority of the InDesign users are using Adobe InDesign to design magazines, book designers and news paper designers.

Adobe InDesign is a product which requires a license to use by purchasing a license key for the product itself.

2. History

Adobe InDesign is successor of Adobe PageMaker, which was product acquired when acquiring Aldus in late 1994. The initial release of the Adobe InDesign was released on 31st August 1999. Adobe InDesign is used in different regions and different countries in the world.

3. Versions

After the initial version of the Adobe InDesign, There were many versions which got released by the Adobe for the product InDesign.

Version NameVersion CodeCodenameReleased Date
InDesign 1.01.0Shuksan31st August 1999
InDesign 1.0J1.0JHotakaN/A
InDesign 1.51.5SherpaApril 2001
InDesign 2.02.0AnnapurnaJanuary 2002
InDesign CS3.0DragontailOctober 2003
InDesign CS24.0FiredrakeMay 2005
InDesign ServerN/ABishopOctober 2005
InDesign CS35.0CobaltApril 2007
InDesign CS3 ServerN/AXenonMay 2007
InDesign CS46.0BasilOctober 2008
InDesign CS4 ServerN/AThymeN/A
InDesign CS57.0RocketApril 2010
InDesign CS68.0Athos23rd April 2012
InDesign CC9.2Citius15th January 2014
InDesign CC 201410.0Sirius18th June 2014
InDesign CC 2014.110.1N/A6th October 2014
InDesign CC 2014.110.1N/A11th February 2015
InDesign CC 201511.0N/A15th June 2015
InDesign CC 2015.111.1N/A11th August 2015
InDesign CC 2015.211.2N/A30th November 2015
InDesign CC 2015.411.4N/A20th June 2016
InDesign CC 201712.0N/A2nd November 2016
InDesign CC 2017.112.1N/A14th April 2017
InDesign CC 2018.113.0N/A18th October 2017
InDesign CC 2018.113.0.1N/ANovember 2017
InDesign CC 2018.113.1N/AMarch 2018
InDesign CC 2018.113.1N/AMarch 2018
InDesign CC 2019.114.0.1N/ANovember 2018