What is Adobe Creative Cloud? - Subscription Service to Access Adobe Products

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1. What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a product introduced by Adobe Inc which allows it's users to use Adobe products in a subscription model on demand.

Adobe Creative Cloud enables users to use Adobe Software products without purchasing by paying the full amount to use a product but with a subscription model which allows users to choose and select the software applications that user wants to use for a time period or for a annually.

Users can just pay for the software products of Adobe based on their required time period for a fraction of a cost if they were required to purchase the product.

There are many individuals, startups, collages and small, medium and large enterprises who uses Creative Cloud due to the flexibility of the product. In addition to the Adobe products, Adobe Creative Cloud does offer a series of other features including the cloud storage where users can host their content in cloud.

2. History

Adobe introduces Creative Cloud was first announced and released in October 2011 by Adobe Inc. This initiative made it possible to users to gain access to world class Adobe products and Adobe to make profits out by lowering the software piracy and cracked software products.

Adobe Creative Cloud was initially hosted in Amazon's AWS and later with an agreement with Microsoft Inc, Adobe moved the Creative Cloud solution to Microsoft Azure.