What is Adobe After Effects? - Visual Effects and Motion Graphic Software

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1. What is Adobe After Effects?

After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics and composition software application. After Effects is a product own by Adobe Inc. Adobe After Effects is used to make animations and animation movies, cartoons and make visual effects and etc...

Adobe After Effects is used by VFX artists, animators, movie editors, and so many professionals who are into the video content creating, commercial movie making and etc... Adobe After Effects is easy to use and easy to animate and easy to get the job done.

Adobe After Effects is a product which comes with a price tag into it and it's not free to use except for the trial period of the product which Adobe offers.

2. History

Initially After Effects was created by a company named Company of Science and Art which was headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. The initial release of the After Effects was released on January 1993 by Company of Science and Art.

Company of Science and Art got acquired by Aldus Corporation along with the products of the Company of Science and Art in July 1993. Later in 1994 Aldus was acquired by Adobe and from 1994 to date Adobe holds the product After Effects.

3. Versions

After the initial release by Company of Science and Art, there were multiple releases made by other acquired companies. Adobe was the largest contributor to the version releases of the Adobe After Effects.

CompanyVersion NameVersion CodeCodenameReleased Date
Company of Science and Art
After Effects 1.01.0 0EggJanuary 1993
After Effects 1.11.1 0N/AMay 1993
After Effects 2.02.0 0TeriyakiJanuary 1994
After Effects 1994
Adobe Inc
After Effect 3.03.0 0NimchowOctober 1995
After Effects 3.13.1 0N/AApril 1996
After Effects 3.13.1 0Dancing MonkeyMay 1997
After Effects 4.04.0 0ebeerJanuary 1999
After Effects 4.14.1 0BatnipSeptember 1999
After Effects 5.05.0 0MelmetApril 2001
After Effects 5.55.5 0Fauxfu7th January 2002
After Effects 6.06.0 0FoodfiteAugust 2003
After Effects 6.56.5 0Chambant16th June 2004
After Effects 7.07.0 0ClamchopJanuary 2006
After Effects CS38.0 0Metaloaf2nd July 2007
After Effects CS38.0.2Loafdot22nd February 2008
After Effects CS49.0 0Chinchillada23rd September 2008
After Effects CS49.0.1Chinchidotta10th December 2008
After Effects CS49.0.2Lottadotta29th May 2009
After Effects CS49.0.3Yaddadotta6th October 2010
After Effects CS510.0 0Esgocart30th April 2010
After Effects CS510.0.1Esgodot3rd September 2010
After Effects CS510.0.2Esgodoh8th April 2011
After Effects CS5.510.5 0Codname11th April 2011
After Effects CS5.510.5.1Codot30th June 2011
After Effects CS611.0 0SpinalTapes23rd April 2012
After Effects CS611.0.1BidDottom25th May 2012
After Effects CS611.0.2NoneMoreDot12th October 2012
After Effects CC12.0 0Sconehenge17th June 2013
After Effects CC12.1 0Plabt Blue Ribbon31st October 2013
After Effects CC12.2 0Pinot Butter13th December 2013
After Effects CC 201413.0 0Goatmeal Stout18th June 2014
After Effects CC 2014.113.1 0Hefe Marathon7th September 2014
After Effects CC 2014.213.2 0Finish Lime16th December 2014
After Effects CC 2015. Car15th June 2015
After Effects CC 2015.113.6.0Currant Time30th November 2015
After Effects CC 2015.213.7.0Fibonachos27th January 2016
After Effects CC 2015.313.8.0Abbacore21st June 2016
After Effects CC 201714.0 0Codfather2nd November 2016
After Effects CC 201714.1 0The Codfather Part Tuna18th January 2017
After Effects CC 201714.2 0Plabtjacks19th April 2017
After Effects CC 201714.2.1Blueberry Plabtjacks13th June 2017
After Effects CC15.0 0Darth Tater18th October 2017
After Effects CC15.0.1Tater Dots22nd January 2018
After Effects CC15.1 0Annivercelery3rd April 2018
After Effects CC15.1.1Marching Ants on a log24th April 2018
After Effects CC15.1.2Peanut Dotter16th July 2018
After Effects CC16.0 0Double Expresso15th October 2018
After Effects CC16.0.1Macchidotto10th December 2018