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What is XBox?

XBox a video gaming console brand owned by Microsoft. Gaming Consoles are used by wide range individuals to entertain them self with video gaming. By the time Microsoft wanted to compete with the video gaming console brand named PlayStation by Sony.

XBox is based on Microsoft's windows operating system which uses DirectX and other basic video processing software in Windows Operating System. However Microsoft branded the operating system in XBox as the XBox System Software.


XBox released their very first console to North American markets on 15th November 2001. From then Mircosoft has sold many devices of the XBox in different countries and regions in the world.

Launched Price
Launched Date
Country/ RegionDate
USD 299.99North America15th November 2001
USD 299.99Japan22nd February 2002
GBP 299.99
UK/ Europe
14th March 2002
Euro 479.99
XBox 360
USD 299.99 (Basic)
1North America,2 Europe, 3 Japan, 4Australia
(1) 22nd November 2005, (2) 2nd December 2005, (3) 10th December 10 2005, (4) 23rd March 2006
USD 399.99 (Premium 20GB)
USD 249.99 (Premium 60GB)
USD 479.99 Elite 120GB
USD 299.99 (Arcade 256 MB Internal Memory)
USD 199.99 (Arcade 512MB Internal Memory)
USD 299.99 (Super Elite 250GB)
USD 399.99 (XBox 360 S 250GB + Kinect)
USD 299.99 (XBox 360 S 250GB)
USD 299.99 (XBox 360 S 4GB Internal Memory + Kinect)
USD 199.99 (XBox 360 S 4GB Internal Memory)
USD 199.99 (XBox 360 E 4GB Internal Memory)
USD 299.99 (XBox 360 E 250GB)
USD 299.99 (XBox 360 E 4GB Internal Memory)
XBox One
USD 499.99 (Kinect Bundle)
22nd November 2013
USD 399.99 (Standalone)
USD 499.99 (XBox One Elite 1TB+Elite Controller)
USD 299.99 (XBox One S)
XBox One XUSD 499.99 (Black 1TB version)Worldwide7th November 2017