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1. What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the world's most famous and the largest free knowledge platform based on a encyclopedia model which operates in 303 languages. Articles in Wikipedia can be written by the members of Wikipedia and also editable.

Wikipedia is used by students in majority and general public to get to know details about the stuffs that they don't know or to get more information about the facts or to validate knowing facts.

2. History

Wikipedia was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 15th January 2001. Creating Wikipedia was a project name Nupedia, which was to offer free online English language encyclopedia where the written articles were reviewed by a formal process to ensure the quality and to validate the facts in the article.

Initially the project Nupedia was licensed under the Open Content License after branding as the Wikipedia, with the urging of Richard Stallman founders switched to GNU Free Documentation License. Wikipedia.com got changed to wikipedia.org on 12th January 2001.