What is ViewSonic? - Digital Display Manufacture


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1. What is ViewSonic?

ViewSonic is a digital display and projector manufacture which serves global markets. ViewSonic's product range is quality and used in the industrial applications including the studios and professional industries.

2. History

ViewSonic is founded by James Chu in 1987. Initially the ViewSonic was named as Keypoint Technology Corporation. ViewSonic initially color computer displays and in mid 1990s ViewSonic was competing with the top brands at the time which includes Sony, NEC, Panasonic.

In 2000, ViewSonic acquired Nokia Display Products branded business and announced their 22.2 inch monitor in 2002 which was a driving point for ViewSonic.

3. Products of ViewSonic

Products ViewSonic includes display products and projector products in the line.
  • ViewSonic Gaming Monitors
  • ViewSonic Pro Video Production Monitors
  • ViewSonic Office Monitors
  • ViewSonic Touch Enabled Monitors
  • ViewSonic Large Format Displays
  • ViewSonic View Board Interactive Flat Pannels
  • ViewSonic Kiosk Displays
  • ViewSonic Slot In PCs & Media Players
  • ViewSonic Business Use Projectors
  • ViewSonic Home Projectors
  • ViewSonic Portable Projectors
  • ViewSonic Professional Projectors