What is Ubuntu Server OS? - Explained


1. What is Ubuntu Server OS?

Ubuntu Server OS is an operating system which has been developed using the Linux kernel to support servers to carryout the functionalities of the server with extreme smoother and efficiency. Ubuntu server operating system is used by wide range of industries and research institutes to over come the licensing fee which could go up to larger sums of cash. Ubuntu Server OS is free to use and open sourced.

2. Versions of Ubuntu Server OS

There multiple releases done to the Ubuntu Server OS and there were multiple stable releases made to the Ubuntu Server OS.

Ubuntu PC OS Version CodeCode NameRelease datePublic support untilInitial Kernel version
4.10Warty Warthog2004-10-202006-04-302.6.8
5.04Hoary Hedgehog2005-04-082006-10-312.6.10
5.10Breezy Badger2005-10-132007-04-132.6.12
6.06 LTSDapper Drake2006-06-012009-07-142.6.15
6.10Edgy Eft2006-10-262008-04-252.6.17
7.04Feisty Fawn2007-04-192008-10-192.6.20
7.10Gutsy Gibbon2007-10-182009-04-182.6.22
8.04 LTSHardy Heron2008-04-242011-05-122.6.24
8.10Intrepid Ibex2008-10-302010-04-302.6.27
9.04Jaunty Jackalope2009-04-232010-10-232.6.28
9.10Karmic Koala2009-10-292011-04-302.6.31
10.04 LTSLucid Lynx2010-04-292013-05-092.6.32
10.10Maverick Meerkat2010-10-102012-04-102.6.35
11.04Natty Narwhal2011-04-282012-10-282.6.38
11.10Oneiric Ocelot2011-10-132013-05-093.0
12.04 LTSPrecise Pangolin2012-04-262017-04-283.2
12.10Quantal Quetzal2012-10-182014-05-163.5
13.04Raring Ringtail2013-04-252014-01-273.8
13.10Saucy Salamander2013-10-172014-07-173.11
14.04 LTSTrusty Tahr2014-04-172019-043.13
14.10Utopic Unicorn2014-10-232015-07-233.16
15.04Vivid Vervet2015-04-232016-02-043.19
15.10Wily Werewolf2015-10-222016-07-284.2
16.04 LTSXenial Xerus2016-04-212021-044.4
16.10Yakkety Yak2016-10-132017-07-204.8
17.04Zesty Zapus2017-04-132018-01-134.10
17.10Artful Aardvark2017-10-192018-07-194.13
18.04 LTSBionic Beaver2018-04-262028-044.15
18.10Cosmic Cuttlefish2018-10-182019-074.18
19.04Disco Dingo2019-04-182020-01TBA