What is Twitter? - An American Social Media Platform


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1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American built social media platform which uses to make short messages and share images and URLs and etc... Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, Twitter requires the message whichever updated by the user to be shorter which makes it simple and easy to understand by almost every users rather than the complex wordings and etc...

Twitter is used by individuals and as well as businesses in the world. Twitter is used to make live updates of the events and sports events in many difference ways.

2. History

Twitter is a project which came by a simple idea which used by the podcasting company named Odeo in a session of daylong brainstorming. Initially twitter was operating as a SMS service based on a short code to send and receive quick updates regarding what's happening in the and etc...

Project choose 40404 as their short code which made it easy for others to remember. Project got the official name as Twitter and Odeo announced about the brand name. Twitter's initial prototype was developed by a third party app developer known as Florian Weber and tested by the Odeo internal members. Twitter was available to public on 15th July 2006.

Twitter's official founders are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. The initial project went live on 21st March 2006. Twitter is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and Twitter owns Vine, Periscope, MoPub as subsidiaries.