What is Transcend? - Electronic Peripheral Manufacture Based in Taiwan


Transcend Logo

1. What is Transcend?

Transcend is a Taiwanese company which manufacture electronic devices and components which includes the storage devices, memory devices and etc...

2. History

Transcend is founded by Chung Won Shu in 1988 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Transcend does have offices in all around the world and traded publicly on Taipei Stock Exchange under the code of 2451.

3. Products of Transcend

Products of Transcend is includes wide range of peripherals in different categories like storage, memory and image capturing.
  • Transcend SSD drives
  • Transcend Dash Cameras
  • Transcend Body Cameras
  • Transcend Personal Cloud Storage Devices
  • Transcend External HDD drives
  • Transcend External Portable HDD drives
  • Transcend Memory Cards
  • Transcend DRAMs
  • Transcend Music Players
  • Transcend Optical readers
  • Transcend OTG devices
  • Transcend Memory Card Readers