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1. What is Sprint?

Sprint is an American telecommunication company which serves USA by providing wireless telecommunication solutions to American

2. History

Sprint Corporation takes a long back history with two telecommunication companies, Brown Telephone Company and Southern Pacific Railroad.

Browns Telephone Company
Brown Telephone company is founded in 1899 by Cleyson Brown in the mission of serving the rural area around Abilene, Kansas. Browns Telephone Company installed their first long distance circuit in 1990 and consumers got an alternative solution for Bell Telephone.

By Consolidating with three independent companies, Browns Telephone Company formed United Telephone Company in 1939 which after named it as United Telephone and Electric also known as UT&E. End of the great depression UT&E recognized as the United Utilities.

Paul H. Henson became the president of United Utilities in 1964 who was working for the company since 1959. And Paul H. Henson got the position of Chairman of the company in 1966. By 1966 United Utilities had their presence in 15 states and 575,000 telephones which allowed the company to revenue of US$ 65 million. United Utilities build their first fiber optic cables to allow consumers to transfer voice clear and United Utilities to handle more calls.

In 1972 United Utilities changed it's name to United Telecommunications. Company started working on their 23,000 mile fiber optic network for long distance calls in 1980 and the long distance business became profitable for the company for the first time in 1989.

Southern Pacific Communications
Southern Pacific Railroad also known as SPR was founded in 1860 and was a subsidiary of Southern Pacific Company which also known as SPC. The company operated thousands of miles of track as well telegraph wire that ran along those tracks. In 1970 company began looking into to the ways to use their existing communication lines for long distance calling.

Southern Pacific Company formed a new division and named it as Southern Pacific Communications Company. Company named the business as Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunication and SPRINT was formed as an acronym.

GTE Corporation bought SPC's long distance telephone operation business including SPRINT and finalized the deal on 1983. In 1986 GTE SPRINT got merged with United Telecommunications and United Telecommunication announced the complete acquisition of US SPRINT in April 1990. United Telecommunication officially changed it's name to Sprint Corporation in 1992.

Sprint is publicly traded on NYSE and the 84% of the company shares are owned by the SoftBank Group Corporation. Sprint is currently headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Company serves USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands.