What is a Software? - Explained


1. What is a Software?

Software is a program which written by using a programming language where it tells the computer how to work according to the user's instructions.

There are different types of software applications which are Operating System Software, Utility Software and Application Software.
  • Operating System Software does all the communication and coordination part with the hardware.
  • Utility Software does the bridging with the hardware and operating system software to make function the input output to function properly.
  • Application Software does the functionality of the user requirements to achieve various tasks and goals.
Software needs to be developed and engineered. The process of creating a software is known as software development and there are professionals in the world who develop software products.

Software can be used in different ways and different platforms like smart phone, tablet PC, web, wearable devices, computer, server and etc... And there are front end software products as well as back end software products. Each and every software may be using different technologies to build software products depending on the functionalities and the required final outcome.