What is Skrill? - UK Based Online Payment Platform


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1. What is Skrill?

Skrill is a digital wallet like e-commerce platform which allows businesses to accept payments and individuals to make payments and make transfers internationally and at a minimal cost associated per transaction.

There are many businesses and individuals and other platforms relay on Skrill to make smoother and safer transactions with minimal costs.

2. History

Skrill is known as the Moneybookers Limited before it was named as Skrill. Moneybookers was founded in 27th July 2001 as an incorporated and regulated entity in United Kingdom. In March 2007, Moneybookers was acquired by Investcorp for a valuation of GBP 105 million.

Moneybookers grew really fast and stable due to the easy to integrate platform and other features including the low cost transaction fees. In September 2011 Moneybookers announced their re-brand as Skrill which completed the entire product line of Moneybookers as Skrill in 2013.

In February 2013, Skrill got acquired by Paysafe Group which is an organization based in Australia and which allows prepaid payment methods as a platform.