What is Razer? - Gaming Peripheral Manufacture


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1. What is Razer?

Razer is an hardware manufacture with extreme features into their products. Most of the products that Razer do manufactures is focused on the gaming and professional gaming solutions which suites the individuals and professional gamers.

2. History

Razer Inc is started as a subsidiary of Karna LLC. In the very initial stage of the company, Razer was developing high end computer gaming mouse. The company is founded by Min Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff in 2005.

Razer is publicly traded in Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the code of 1337. Razer is headquartered in Singapore and San Francisco, California, USA.

3. Products of Razer

Products of Razer majorly focused on the gaming type products which can enhance the efficiency and the user experience of the products in greater extend.
  • Razer Laptops
  • Razer Mobiles
  • Razer Gaming Mice
  • Razer Mice Mats
  • Razer Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Wireless Headsets
  • Razer Wired Headsets
  • Razer Consoles
  • Razer Speakers
  • Razer Broadcaster
  • Razer Displays
  • Razer Computer Chassis
  • Razer Routers
  • Razer Desktop PCs