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What is PlayStation?

PlayStation is a home video gaming console and a media center developed by Sony. The brand name itself does have a huge value into it from growing since the early 1990s. PlayStation brand name is originally pronounced as Pureisuteshon in Japanese. PlayStation is a product which ignited by the Sony's hardware engineering division head named Ken Kutaragi also known as the father of the PlayStation.

PlayStations was a product which had the concept of a GameBoy which can be used to play a animated video graphic with less plug and play style components into it.


There are many PlayStation models which has come to the market but the very first model of PlayStation was released on 3rd December 1994 for Japanese domestic market at a price tag of 39,800 Japanese Yen.

Afterwards there were many PlayStation models which came into the market with better performance and with better graphic abilities.

Launched Price
Launched Date
Country/ RegionDate
Yen 39,800Japan3rd December 1994
USD 299North America9th September 1995
GBP 299Europe29th September 1995
USD 299Australia15th November 1995
PlayStation One
GBP 299Europe2000
Yen 39,800Japan 7th July 2000
USD 299North America19th September 2000
PlayStation 2
Yen 39,800Japan4th March 2000
USD 299North America26th October 2000
GBP 299Europe24th November 2000
USD 299Australia30th November 2000
PlayStation 2 Slimline
GBP 299Europe29th October 2004
Yen 39,800Japan3rd November 2004
USD 299North AmericaNovember 2004
USD 299AustraliaNovember 2004
PlayStation 3
Yen 49,980 (20GB)Japan11th November 2006
USD 499 (20GB)
North America
17th November 2006
USD 599 (60GB)
GBP 425 (60GB)
UK / Europe
23rd March 2007
Euro (60GB)
PlayStation 3 Slim
Yen 49,980 (20GB)Japan27th August 2009
USD 499 (20GB)
North America
1st September 2009
USD 599 (60GB)
GBP 425 (60GB)
UK / Europe
1st September 2009
Euro (60GB)
PlayStation 3 Super Slim
Yen 49,980 (20GB)Japan25th September 2012
USD 499 (20GB)
North America
28th September 2012
USD 599 (60GB)
GBP 425 (60GB)
UK / Europe
4th October 2012
Euro (60GB)
PlayStation 4
USD 399North America15th November 2013
Euro 399
UK/ Europe
29th November 2013
GBP 349
USD 399Australia29th November 2013
Yen 38,980Japan22nd February 2014

There are a huge ecosystem which had built around the PlayStation as a product. The game developers to professional gamers has modified the ecosystem and it's at a very larger scale throughout the world.