What is Oxygen OS? - Firmware by OnePlus Based on Android Kernel

Oxygen OS Logo

1. What is Oxygen OS?

Oxygen OS is a firmware which developed by OnePlus based on Android kernel exclusively for the OnePlus devices. The Oxygen OS is made by taking the stock Android release and make it customized to the hardware to run smoother and efficiently.

Oxygen OS is the global OS version on OnePlus devices and OnePlus does have HydrogenOS which developed by OnePlus to the Chinese community.

2. Versions of Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS was supported from Android Lollipop version from OnePlus's first device which was OnePlus One. Since then, OnePlus has released multiple versions of the Oxygen OS.

Oxygen OS version
Android Version
Released Date
Supported OnePlus Devices
OnePlus OneOnePlus XOnePlus 2OnePlus 3OnePlus 3TOnePlus 5OnePlus 5TOnePlus 6OnePlus 6T
1.0 - Lollipop2nd September 2015Yes
2.0 - 2.1.4 N/AYesYesYes
2.1.5 - 2.2.1N/AYesYes
2.2.2 - 2.2.34th August - 28th September 2016Yes
3.0.2 4th June 2016Yes
3.1.410th November 2016Yes
3.5.328th November 2016Yes
3.5.419th December 2016Yes
3.5.524th December 2016Yes
3.5.65th January 2017Yes
3.5.812th April 2017Yes
3.5.95th July 2017Yes
3.6.010th July 2017Yes
3.6.110th October 2017Yes
4.0.0 31st December 2016YesYes
4.0.17th January 2017YesYes
4.0.214th January 2017YesYes
4.0.38th February 2017YesYes
4.1.0 16th Match 2017YesYes
4.1.128th March 2017YesYes
4.1.317th April 2017YesYes
4.1.57th June 2017YesYes
4.1.612th June 2017YesYes
4.1.723rd August 2017YesYes
4.5.020th June 2017 for OnePlus 5 and 25th September 2017 for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3TYesYesYes
4.5.122nd June 2017 for OnePlus 5 and 18th October 2017 for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3TYesYesYes
4.5.225th June 2017Yes
4.5.327th June 2017Yes
4.5.428th June 2017Yes
4.5.55th July 2018Yes
4.5.620th July 2017Yes
4.5.71st August 2017Yes
4.5.85th August 2017Yes
4.5.1029h August 2017Yes
4.5.113rd October 2017Yes
4.5.127th October 2017Yes
4.5.1316th October 2017Yes
4.5.142nd November 2017Yes
4.7.021st November 2017Yes
4.7.121st November 2017Yes
4.7.222nd November 2017Yes
4.7.47th December 2017Yes
4.7.5December 2017Yes
4.7.627th December 2017Yes
5.0. 19th November 2017YesYesYes
5.0.14th January 2018YesYesYes
5.0.22nd February 2018Yes
5.0.36th February 2018YesYesYes
5.0.427th February 2018YesYesYesYes
5.0.525th August 2018YesYes
5.0.630th September 2018YesYes
5.1.0 16th April 2018YesYesYes
5.1.226th May 2018YesYes
5.1.323rd May 2018YesYesYes
5.1.524th May 2018 and 27th August 2018 for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5TYesYesYes
5.1.69th June 2018 and 25th October 2018 for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5TYesYesYes
5.1.820th June 2018Yes
5.1.920th July 2018Yes
5.1.1115th August 2018Yes
9.0. 15th September 2018 for OnePlus 6 and 25th December 2018 for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5TYesYesYesYes
9.0.11st January 2019YesYes
9.0.21st November 2018YesYes
9.0.329th December 2018Yes