What is MIUI? - Xiaomi Firmware Base on Android Kernel



1. What is MIUI?

MIUI is a firmware developed by Xiaomi for their devices by making the Android kernel a baseline. The initial release of the MIUI was only available in the Chinese language.

With the time Xiaomi added wide range of features into the MIUI which could make the user's life easy and more efficient by having a Xiaomi device.

2. Versions of MIUI

After the very first release of MIUI in 16th August 2010, Xioami has developed and released wide multiple versions of MIUI with multiple updates to the core system with latest Android releases.

MIUI VersionAndroid VersionReleased Date
MIUI V12.1 Eclair16th August 2010
MIUI V22.2 FroyoN/A
MIUI V32.3.6 GingerbreadN/A
MIUI V44.0.4 Ice Cream SandwichN/A
MIUI V54.1.2 Jelly Bean1st March 2013
MIUI V64.4.2 KitKat29th August 2014
MIUI V76.0.1 Marshmallow13th August 2015
MIUI 87.1.1 Nougat16th June 2016
MIUI 98.1.0 Oreo10th August 2017
MIUI 109.0.0 Pie19th June 2018