What is Microsoft Word? - Explained


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1. What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing software application designed and developed by Microsoft Inc. A word processing software is a product which enables the users to type words and to process it accordingly the way the user require it.

Microsoft word is a product which is bundled with the Microsoft's office software application package. Microsoft Word are commonly used by wide range of users starting from government, schools, corporate offices and etc...

Microsoft word does require a licensing for the product to use and it's not for free to use. Microsoft Word does have wide range of features compared to other products which are available in the market.

2. History

To build the Microsoft Word software application which we use today, Microsoft hired Charles Simonyi in 1981 who was the primary developer for the world's first GUI word processor named Bravo developed by Xerox PARC. Microsoft hired Richard Brodie who was an intern at Xerox and who became the primary developer for the Microsoft own word processor which named as Multi-Tool Word by the time.

The very first release of the Multi-Tool Word supported Xenis and MS-DOS and released to market in 1983. In later time, Microsoft re-branded the product as Microsoft Word. With the later versions Microsoft releases word processing software which can be used in Windows OS and Mac OS platforms.

3. Versions

Microsoft releases two major releases for Microsoft Windows Operating system platform, MS-DOS OS and for Mac Operating system platform in majorly starting from 1983.

3.1 Microsoft Word Versions for MS-DOS OS

With the start of Microsoft Word by using MS-DOS OS, Microsoft released eight releases focused on the MS-DOS operating system platform.

Version CodeVersion NameYear of Release
1.0Word 11983
2.0Word 21985
3.0Word 31986
4.0Word 41987
5.0Word 51989
5.1Word 5.11991
5.5Word 5.51991
6.0Word 61993

3.2 Microsoft Word Versions for Mac OS

Microsoft released it's 1st version of Microsoft Word for Mac OS on 1985. Since then Microsoft has released 13 releases for Microsoft Word software to run on Mac OS.

Version CodeVersion NameYear of Release
1.0Word 11985
3.0Word 31987
4.0Word 41989
5.0Word 51991
5.1Word 5.11992
6.0Word 61993
8.5Word 981998
9.0Word 20012000
10.0Word v. X2001
11.0Word 20042004
12.0Word 20082008
14.0Word 20112010
16.0Word 20152015

3.3 Microsoft Word Versions for Windows OS

Microsoft released it's 1st version of Microsoft Word to be used in the Microsoft Windows Operating system in 1989.

Version CodeVersion NameYear of Release
1.0Word for Windows 1.01989
1.1Word for Windows 1.11990
1.1aWord for Windows 1.1a1990
2.0Word for Windows 2.01991
6.0Word for Windows 6.01993
7.0Word for Windows 951995
8.0Word 971997
8.5Word 981998
9.0Word 20001999
10.0Word 20022001
11.0Microsoft Word 20032003
12. 0Microsoft Word 20072006
14.0Word 20102010
15.0Word 20132013
16.0Word 20162016
16.0Word 20192019