What is Linksys? - Home Networking Brand Owned by CISCO


Linksys Logo

1. What is Linksys?

Linksys is an american tech company which focused on developing networking products which suites for Homes and Small, Medium Businesses to transfer data and manage connections with some security and high durability.

2. History

Linksys is founded by Victor Tsao and Janie Tsao in 1988. Both founders were Taiwanese immigrants to USA and a married couple. Company started as DEW International and later it got renamed as Linksys. Starting from 1988 to 2003 Company was independently managed by the founders.

In 2003 CISCO systems acquired Linksys and sold the business to Belkin in 2013. Linksys is operates as a subsidiary and currently headquartered in Irvine, California, USA.

3. Products of Linksys

Products of Linksys is solely focused on the home networking and networking solutions for the small, medium business in the world.

  • Linksys WiFi Router
  • Linksys DSL Router
  • Linksys Switch
  • Linksys WiFi Access Point
  • Linksys USB WiFi Adapters
  • Linksys Business WiFi Access Points
  • Linksys Business Switches
  • Linksys VPN Routers
  • Linksys Network Cables
  • Linksys Smart Home Sockets
  • Linksys Network Accessories
  • Linksys Firewall