What is LinkedIn? - World's Largest Online Professionals Networking Platform


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1. What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a online networking platform for professionals and for companies to find the best talents to hire which could drive the company to new height.

Corporate businesses can list down their vacancies on LinkedIn account and the professionals who are seeking for an opportunity can apply for the vacancies which are posted by the companies.

Individuals can fill up their profiles with the projects that they have worked and skills and the professional qualifications and many more.

Due to the features of LinkedIn companies can also attract why to work in that particular company by posting updates and the benefits to the employees when working on the particular company or the organization. LinkedIn also do have the paid version of a user account which allows the users to get premium features like the tutorials and etc...

2. History

LinkedIn is founded in 28th of December 2002 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant. LinkedIn raised Series A investment from Sequoia Capital in late 2003 and LinkedIn reached 1 million users on August 2004. LinkedIn marked their first profitable month as March 2006.

LinkedIn filed the company's IPO in January 2011 and company got started trading publicly on 19th May 2011 on New York Stock Exchange under the code of LNKD at a share price of US$45. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn on 19th January 2017 for US$ 26.2 billion which was the largest acquisition made by Microsoft to the date and completed the deal on 8th December 2016.