What is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Display? - Explained


Layers of LCD Display. Image by Viewsonic.

1. What is LCD Display?

LCD Displays are also known as Liquid Crystal Displays. LCD is a flat panel display or electronically modulated optical device that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals to display information.

Liquid crystals itself doesn't emit any light though liquid crystals can change colors depending on different voltages. To over come the issue, engineers and scientists have came up with a solution which can eliminate the back of the crystal display by a backlight with a florescent lamp or reflector.

2. Applications of LCD Display

LCDs were present in early days on electronic components. In the calculators, watches, digital cameras, aircraft cockpit displays, instrument panels and etc... Due to the compact features of the LCD display and the cost efficiency, they are used in wide range of applications.