What is Google Drive? - File hosting and Sharing Cloud Platform by Google

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1. What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file hosting and sharing service developed by Google. Google drive is used many different applications by the individuals and the corporate businesses to make their life easy. Anybody who does have a Google Account with a Gmail email can create a Google Drive Account or any corporate employee who does have access to GSuite which is a business solution can also use Google Drive.

Google Drive was launched in 24th April 2012 and Google allows users to store data in Google servers which can be access by the users anytime they want and synchronize between their devices including laptop computers, desktop computers, smart phone or tablet PCs.

Google also does provide the capability to purchase additional storage space which can be use across Gmail, Google Photos and etc into the Google Drive platform. As of March 2017, Google Drive had over 800 million active users.