What is Google Cloud Platform? - Cloud Computing Platform by Google


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1. What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform brought to live by Google. It also have named as GCP by taking the first letters from the platform name.

Google Cloud Platform or GCP provides wide range of solutions including database solutions, computing and many more features.

Compared to AWS, Google claims that the costs are lower because of the flexibility to the solution developer to pay only for they are using. Google Cloud Platform do enable instant performance upgrades as required and the option to downsize when there's a requirement of under utilizing resources.

2. History

Google launched in 7th April 2008 as a internally developed product of Google by using Java, C++, Phython, Go and Ruby. Google Cloud Platform uses the resources which are available in the Google data-centers across the globe.

Google have extended the products that offers by the Google Cloud Platform to 90 products from the beginning of the platform.