What is Gasoline or Petrol? - Explained


1. What is Gasoline or Petrol?

Gasoline or Petrol is a one single type of non renewable fuel type. Petrol and Gasoline is the same fuel type which named by two different regions in different names which goes as Gasoline or Gas for American region and Petrol for British region. Due to the reason where British were ruling out large number of countries in the world, majority of the world calling Gasoline as Petrol.

Petrol/ Gasoline is a refined product of crude oil. In a average crude oil Barrel which does have 42 US Gallons or 160 Liters can produce 19 US Gallons or 72 Liters of Gasoline after refining crude oil.

Petrol or Gasoline does require third party energy source to ignite the fuel which used as the most common method to produce energy by using gasoline or petrol. Petrol/ Gasoline fuel type of graded by the octane composition in the fuel.

Gasoline/ PetrolAvailable Octane Grading
Gasoline/ Petrol
87 Octane
88 Octane
89 Octane
90 Octane
91 Octane
93 Octane
95 Octane

Gasoline is used mostly in the light and high performance vehicles which does have internal combustion engines which generates mechanical energy by igniting gasoline. In the combustion of igniting and burning gasoline/ petrol it emits carbon dioxide and harmful gases to environment and living beings.

The demand is much higher for Gasoline/ Petrol compared with the other petroleum products due to the characteristics of the vehicles that uses Gasoline/ Petrol.