What is Foxconn? - Taiwanese Electronic Manufacture


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1. What is Foxconn?

Foxconn is a tech company which does manufacture hardware devices and components and also contract manufacture/ assembly organization. Foxconn has recognized as the world's largest contract assembly company and does assemble products for large number of big companies in the world which includes Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nokia, BlackBerry and etc...

2. History

Foxconn is founded by Terry Gou in 20th February 1974. The initial name of the company was Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Company was initially based on Taiwan and they opened first manufacturing plant in Longhua Town, Shenzhen in 1988.

Foxconn is traded publicly on Taipei Stock Exchange under the code of 2317.

3. Products & Services of Foxconn

Products and services of Foxconn is wide and majorly focused on B2B and B2C models which means Foxconn catering companies as well as individuals by their products and services.
  • Foxconn Intel Supported Motherboards
  • Foxconn AMD Supported Motherboards
  • Foxconn Product Assembly Service
  • Foxconn CPU Coolers
  • Foxconn LCD displays
  • Foxconn Power Supplies
  • Foxconn Computer Casings