What is a Firewall? - Explained


1. What is a Firewall?

Firewall is a network security system software embedded into networking tools and networking appliances and systems. Firewall does have a basic functionality which is to monitor and control incoming traffic and out going traffic.

Firewalls are built to protect computer network systems just like what does in the immigration when somebody enters to a country. Firewalls keep monitoring the traffic which coming in from outside network and going out from a outside network or a destination or to an IP.

Based on the rules which are granted and programmed, Usually the firewalls are monitors the traffic by domain, IP and the weight of traffic. Firewalls are used in Offices, Banks, Private networks, government systems and etc... If a bank doesn't want to take in any internet traffic to their private servers, bank can simply write a firewall rule which could not allow any traffic from outside IPs.

Firewalls are great products when it comes to security and data privacy. There are companies which develop firewalls which are high graded and up to high standards.