What is Facebook Messenger? - Chatting and Communication App by Facebook


Facebook Messenger Logo

1. What is Facebook Messenger?

Messenger it's so called by large number of users, but it's Facebook Messenger by the name. Messenger is a Facebook developed and own messaging, video calling, voice calling, file sending and etc capable platform which can be accessed by a Facebook user login.

Messenger is used by wide range of users who are Facebook users and as well as who are not using Facebook platform regularly. It's possible to send emojis stickers and many more via Facebook Messenger platform.

2. History

Messenger is launched in 8th August 2011. Before the Facebook Messenger, Facebook had a instant messaging platform or a service for their users from March 2008. It was named as Facebook Chat by the time. Facebook grew with the user base who are using Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat had the basic instant messaging features and Facebook wanted a separate platform to cater the chatting and instant messaging experience and that's where the Facebook Messenger brought to life.