What is D-Link? - Networking Hardware Manufacture


D-Link Logo

1. What is D-Link?

D-Link is networking device manufacturing company based in Taipei Taiwan. D-Link manufactures products which suites for using in home, small medium businesses.

2. History

D-Link is founded by Ken Kao in March 1986. The initial name of the company was Datex Systems Inc and the company name got changed to D-Link Corporation in 1994. D-Link is publicly traded on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code of 2332.

3. Products of D-Link

Product range of D-Link is solely focused on developing networking equipment and home security cameras.
  • D-Link WiFi Routers
  • D-Link Access Points
  • D-Link Range Extenders
  • D-Link Powerline Network Products
  • D-Link Network Adapters
  • D-Link Switches
  • D-Link DSL Routers
  • D-Link Mobile WiFi Hotspots
  • D-Link Home Security Cameras
  • D-Link Wireless Cameras
  • D-Link Smart Sockets
  • D-Link Sensors
  • D-Link Network Video Recorders
  • D-Link USB Hubs
  • D-Link Industrial Switches
  • D-Link Firewalls