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1. What is Corsair?

Corsair Components Inc is an american computer peripherals and hardware company. Corsair's products are used in almost every computer build in the world because the products are reliable and ready to hardcore usage by the consumer.

2. History

Corsair is founded by Andy Paul, Don Lieberman, and John Beekley in 1994. The initial name of the Corsair was Corsair Mircosystems. The very first product which developed by Corsair was level 2 cache modules.

Corsair is a privately held company and do have a subsidiary named Elgato Gaming which is fully owned by Corsair itself.

3. Products of Corsair

Product range of Corsair has grown wide and open which allows the consumers to push the limits of the stock devices and components which manufactured by other companies.
  • Corsair Computer Cases
  • Corsair Keyboards
  • Corsair Mice
  • Corsair Headsets
  • Corsair Liquid Cooling units
  • Corsair Memory Sticks
  • Corsair Power Supplies
  • Corsair Gaming PCs
  • Corsair Mouse Pads
  • Corsair Gaming Chairs
  • Corsair Lapboards
  • Corsair SSD Storage Devices