What is CoolerMaster? - The Ultimate Computer Cooling Solution Provider


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1. What is CoolerMaster?

CoolerMaster is a brand which is primarily objected to design best cooling solutions for the personal and workstation computers and greatest computer casing or computer housing manufacture for desktop computers, NAS devices and workstation PCs and Gaming PCs.

2. History

CoolerMaster is founded in Taiwan in 1992 as an company which manufactures products which could support stock computer peripherals to run smoother. CoolerMaster Co., Ltd is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Company is privately held.

3. Products of CoolerMaster

Product range of CoolerMaster is solely focused about the cooling solutions for the computers and the computer casings and other peripherals for computing products.

  • CoolerMaster Air Cooler
  • CoolerMaster Liquid Cooler
  • CoolerMaster Casing Fan
  • CoolerMaster Thermal Grease
  • CoolerMaster Standard Air Coolers
  • CoolerMaster RGB accessories
  • CoolerMaster Notebook Coolers
  • CoolerMaster Casings
  • CoolerMaster Power Supply
  • CoolerMaster Keyboards
  • CoolerMaster Mice
  • CoolerMaster Audio Products
  • CoolerMaster Mice Pads
  • CoolerMaster Gaming Chairs