What is a Computer Virus? - Explained

What is a Computer Virus

1. What is Computer Virus?

Computer virus is a software application or a program written by using a programming language. Computer virus also does have the same characteristics of a health virus which could be harmful to living being's body. Computer viruses also could be harmful to computer systems and computer networks.

Computer Virus software applications are recognized as malicious software category due to it's behavior. Computer Viruses replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting it's their own code in different locations of the computer.

Computer virus applications are used to achieve various different tasks and usually computer viruses are made by hackers to disrupt a computer network or a computer system or malfunction a computer network or a computer system.

Each and every year computer viruses are causing huge amount of financial loss to companies and enterprises as well as individuals. To minimize the cost of financial loss, there are anti-virus software applications which are developed to protect users and computer systems from computer viruses.