What is CISCO? - World's Famous Network Hardware and Software Manufacture



1. What is CISCO?

CISCO is an american company which manufacture the world's famous networking equipment which suites for the enterprise and military grade security and durability. CISCO products are used every major networking project in the world which require extra security and extra networking features.

2. History

CISCO is founded by Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack in 10th of December 1984. Company is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. After succession years CISCO went public on NASDAQ stock exchange under the code of CSCO.

CISCO sold it's home networking division branded as Linksys to Belkin as CISCO was focusing on the enterprise grade solutions to the world.

3. Products of CISCO

Products of CISCO is solely focused on the networking and network security type products.
  • CISCO Switches
  • CISCO Routers
  • CISCO IoT Networking Products
  • CISCO IoT Gateways
  • CISCO IoT data management Products
  • CISCO Indoor Access Points
  • CISCO Outdoor Access Points
  • CISCO Industrial Access Points
  • CISCO Wireless LAN Controllers
  • CISCO Mobile Internet Devices
  • CISCO Firewalls
  • CISCO Malware Protection Solutions
  • CISCO Video Conferencing Solutions
  • CISCO Private Cloud Solutions