What is Blogger? - Google Own Content Management and Publishing Platform


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1. What is Blogger?

Blogger is a content management and publishing platform which used for blogging purposes. Blogger allows users to public articles or posts with text content, videos and photos in the articles. Also the Blogger is free to use for anybody who does have a Google Account and one blog is recognized under a single domain or sub-domain name under the blogspot.com.

Blogger is used by lot of individuals who wants to get a personal space in the internet with free hosting and a custom domain to choose as they wish and as they require according to their requirement.

2. History

Blogger is a project developed and owned by Pyra Labs and the blogger was available to the public on 23rd August 1999. Pyra Labs was acquired by Google in February 2003 for an undisclosed amount and the premium features of the Blogger got free with the Google's acquisition.

Google completely revamped the Blogger's features and interfaces and made a release on 2006 which brought lot of features to the platform itself.