What is Bing? - Microsoft Own Search Engine


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1. What is Bing?

Bing is a search engine own by Microsoft. Bing provides web search, video search, image search and map search. Bing is written using ASP.NET which also a web technology own by Microsoft.

The primary revenue generating medium for Bing is selling advertising spaces on demand focused on different geographical and regional requirements by the advertisers. Bing is used by world's considerable amount of users who are loyal and the users found using Bing is user friendly.

2. History

Bing Search Engine does have a long history as Microsoft's search engine had loyal users to use Mircosoft's search engine from the very beginning. MSN was the Microsoft's first search engine and later if got changed to Windows Live Search and even later Live Search which now became Bing Search Engine.

Bing was launched in 1st of June 2009 as a product of Microsoft with the features which had in the previous search engines. Bing was a complete revamp to the Microsoft's product itself where the users loved the product.