What is Belkin? - An American Hardware Manufacturing Company

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1. What is Belkin?

Belkin is an american company which does manufacture wide range of electronic accessories and electronic products for wide range of other products like Apple and etc...

2. History

Belkin is founded by Chet Pipkin in 18th April 1983 and currently headquartered in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California, USA. Belkin has acquired CICSO System's home networking business which does manufacture products under the brand name Linksys in March 2013.

Foxconn has shown interest in acquiring Belkin and the Linksys for a monetary value of US$ 866 million in 26th March 2018 and the discussions on going till the date writing this article (11th January 2019)

3. Products of Belkin

Belkin's product range includes electronic components,  accessories, devices and adapter kind of devices.

  • Belkin Smart Watch Chargers
  • Belkin Portable Smart Watch Chargers
  • Belkin Smart Phone Chargers
  • Belkin Portable Smart Phone Chargers
  • Belkin Car Chargers
  • Belkin Cables
  • Belkin Adapters for Mac devices
  • Belkin Adapters for iPad Devices
  • Belkin Keyboards for iPad Devices
  • Belkin Smart Phone Screen Protectors
  • Belkin Lightning Accessories
  • Belkin Smart Phone Cases
  • Belkin Armbands
  • Belkin Classroom accesories
  • Belkin Web Cameras
  • Belkin Routers
  • Belkin Access Points
  • Belkin HDMI Adapters
  • Belkin HDMI Cables
  • Belkin Audio Adapters
  • Belkin USB Hubs
  • Belkin DSL Routers