What is AWS or Amazon Web Services? - The Most Popular Cloud Platform


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1. What is AWS?

AWS is a cloud computing platform developed by Amazon Inc. AWS is stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS offers wide range of cloud computing, private computing and many options for the users to build solutions around AWS.

AWS is used by the world's largest companies to startups to government entities and individuals who wants to achieve computing requirements and data storage requirements at the best possible low cost and stable.

Depending on the availability and reliability and depending on the performance factors of the computing requirement and the network usage the pricing could go high but affordable compared with the other solutions.

2. History

Initially Amazon Web Services platform was launched in July 2002 as an internal product of Amazon to achieve the server computing power at the optimal efficiency. After making a paper about AWS and how to make it available for public use, Amazon announced the concept of late 2003. The paper carried the process and information regarding how to make use of the un-utilized computation power which has been acquired by Amazon for it's e-commerce business.

In November 2004 Amazon launched AWS's service names as SQS also known as Simple Queue Service for public use and with the success and the demand for other computing products, Amazon revamped and relaunched the AWS or Amazon Web Services in 14th March 2006 with three major products. Which are Amazon S3 Cloud Storage, SQS and EC2.