What is AT&T? - The World's Largest Telco Company


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1. What is AT&T?

AT&T is an American multinational telecommunication service providing company which servers it's consumers by providing wide range of connectivity solutions.

2. History

Before the company named as the AT&T, the very initial name of the company was named as Bell Telephone Company which was founded by the Alexander Graham Bell. AT&T is a shortened term for American Telephone and Telegraph Company established in 1885 which was a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company.

US and Canadian Governments wanted to dilute the monopoly in the market by regulating the company structure which lead Bell Telephone Company to operate separately. AT&T was a regional subsidiary along with the other divisions of the Bell Telephone Company. After the reformation of Bell Telephone Company, AT&T was operating with the long distance services.

One of the Bell companies known as Southwestern Bell which was created after regulations, Southwestern was purchased by the Robert G. Pope. Southwestern Bell made multiple acquisitions including Metromedia Mobile Business and multiple cable company acquisitions.

Southwestern Bell sold couple of cable companies and acquired multiple telecommunication companies. Southwestern Bell changed it's name to SBC Communications. In 1998 company was representing Fortune 500 list by ranking at the top 15 companies.

AT&T was a separate company with all these time and SBC Communications acquired AT&T for US$16 Billion in 2005. After the acquisition SBC Communications adopted the AT&T name for it's company and named the entire group as AT&T.

AT&T acquired multiple companies which are telco and non telco in the later years and invested in multiple companies also.

AT&T is publicly traded on NYSE under the code of T and currently headquartered in Whitacre Tower, Dallas, Texas, USA.