What is Airbus? - European Aeronautics Company

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1. What is Airbus?

Airbus is an European Aircraft and aeronautical product manufacture based in Europe. Airbus owns the recognition to manufacturing the world's largest passenger aircraft manufacture. Airbus disrupted the market share which was for the Boeing.

Airbus does serve commercial airliners as well as space and defense aeronautical firms including satellites and defense equipment.

2. History

Airbus is a consolidation in the European aerospace industry which formed the Airbus Industrie GIE consortium in 1970. Which was multiple small scale aircraft manufactures formed a team to achieve a larger goal. In 2000, European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company also known as EADS NV.

Airbus is founded by Roger Beteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler, Franz Josef Strauss in December 1970. Airbus is headquartered in Leiden, Netherlands.