What is 3GPP? - An Organization Brings Enhanced Wireless Communication Mediums

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1. What is 3GPP?

3GPP is an partnership which formed within groups of telecommunications standards associations. 3GPP is a shorten name for 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

3GPP was initially formed in December 1998 to make a globally applicable third generation or 3G mobile phone system specification based on enhancing Global System for Mobile Communications also known as GSM specifications within the scope of International Mobile Telecommunications 200 project of the International Telecommunication Union also known as ITU.

With the success of 3GPP on it's first mission successfully, 3GPP was given more tasks to execute and plan-out the global wireless communication mediums including,

  • UMTS and related 3G standards including HSPA.
  • LTE and related 4G standards including LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro.
  • Next Generation and related 5G standards.