What is Sigma? - Japanese Camera Manufacture

SIGMA Corporation Logo
SIGMA Corporation Logo

Sigma is a Japanese Camera, Optical Lenses and Camera accessories manufacture.


SIGMA corporation is founded by Michihiro Yamaki in 1961 in Setagaya, Japan. SIGMA started operations by manufacturing SLR Cameras and SIGMA launched their flagship type DSLR Camera in 2010.

Later SIGMA started developing and manufacturing lenses which supports for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras as well.


SIGMA Corporation's product line is primarily focused as the image capturing and optical lenses.
  • SIGMA SLR Cameras
  • SIGMA DSLR Cameras
  • SIGMA Canon Lenses
  • SIGMA Sony Lenses
  • SIGMA Nikon Lenses
  • SIGMA Flashers
  • SIGMA Mirror-less Cameras
  • SIGMA Compact Cameras
  • SIGMA Mount Converters
  • SIGMA Battery Backup
  • SIGMA Lens Filters