What is Ricoh? - Japanese Electronic Manufacture



Ricoh is a Japanese electronic product manufacture focused on manufacturing and developing imaging and image printing products.


Ricoh is founded in 1936 in Japan. Ricoh was in the business of diversified kind of area in the global business trends. Starting from 1960s to 1970 Ricoh made wrist watches by targeting Japanese and international markets. To reach out to the international markets in the watch industry, Ricoh got partnered with Hamilton Watch Company and reached to the international market by the name of Hamilton Electric watch.

Later in 1980s to 1990s Ricoh was focused on being the primary manufacture of the Pitney Bowes copiers. The copiers got famous and reliable, so Ricoh manufactured copiers to Toshiba as well during the time period.

Ricoh manufactured fax machines to AT&T corporation and Omnifax and to various companies in the world. Ricoh entered to the semiconductor business by manufacturing Ricoh 2A03 8 bit processor which used in the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 2003 Ricoh bought the naming rights to the CNE Coliseum also known as Coca-Cola Coliseum based in Toronto. In 2004 Ricoh acquired Hitachi's printing solution business and created a new company named Ricoh Printing Systems Ltd.

In various ways Ricoh started gaining the market-share in the global trending businesses. Currently Ricoh is traded publicly on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Bobay Stock Exchange and OTC Market Group. Ricoh is headquartered in Chou, Tokyo, Japan.


Ricoh's product line is primarily focused on Imaging and Image printing solutions for the consumers and for the industrial scaled printing solutions.
  • Ricoh Printers
  • Ricoh Copiers
  • Ricoh Projectors
  • Ricoh Video Conferencing Systems
  • Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards
  • Ricoh Industrial Inkjet Printers
  • Ricoh Garment Printers
  • Ricoh Thermal Printers
  • Ricoh Digital Cameras
  • Ricoh Spherical Cameras
  • Ricoh Watches
  • Ricoh Health Care products