What is Realme? - Mobile Phone Manufacture Based in China


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Realme is a electronic mobile phone manufacture which manufactures cellular devices for the mass market.


Realme is first came into the market as Oppo Real in 2010 as a subsidiary of OPPO Electronics Corporation. Realme is founded by Sky Li who was a former vice president of OPPO and the head of OPPO's overseas business department.

Realme is founded on the 4th of May 2018 on the same day where the National Youth Day of China is on. On 30th of July 2018, Sky Li officially announcing the resignation from OPPO. There are couple of co-founders who were with Sky Li from different regions to fund the company at the initial stage.


Realme is primarily focused on the smart phone business targeting youth. Youth require high performance, better camera, better battery life and better price. Realme is focused on delivering the demanding factors.
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