What is Polaroid? - Famous Instant Camera Brand in the World


Polaroid Logo

Polaroid is a famous brand for almost all the people in the world. The people who doesn't want complex mechanism to capture images to the professionals who are in the business just love the minimalism of the product.


Polaroid is all about the brand and the technology that they use and the time that takes to deliver a viewable image to audience or the photographer.

Polaroid Corporation was founded and established by Edwin Land in 1937 as an British company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Polaroid cameras were started declining from 1977 and with the huge investments invested into the instant movie camera and with the declining sales, Polaroid filed the bankruptcy.

The Polaroid Holdings Corporation Ltd, was acquired by One Equity Partners and renamed the company as Primary PDC Inc in 11th of October 2001.


Polaroid's products were purely into the imaging and image printing and image capturing products.
  • Polaroid Film Papers
  • Polaroid Film Rolls
  • Polaroid Instant Cameras
  • Polaroid Industrial Printers
  • Polaroid Watches
  • Polaroid Dash Cameras
  • Polaroid TVs
  • Polaroid Action Cameras
  • Polaroid Digital Cameras