What is Philips? - European Consumer Electronic Manufacture

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Philips is a popular and reputed electronic brand in the world.


Philips is founded by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips in 15th of May 1891 as a dutch company. At the beginning of the organization Philips was a carbon filament lamps manufacture with some other electronic products in 1892.

In 1895 company was struggling to get the heads up in the sales and almost there in a position of getting bankrupt. To over come the bankruptcy of the family business, Gerard invited his younger brother named Anton to the organization as he had degree in engineering. With the amazing ideas to the company, to reach the rest of the world, Philips got changed to Philips Corporation.

In 1920 Philips started manufacturing vacuum tubes and in 1939 Philips introduced the electric razor as Philishave. In early 1930 Philips introduced Chapel, which was a radio with built in loudspeaker which got popular by the time.

Philips is currently traded public on Euronext under the code of PHIA and in NYSE under PHG. Philips is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Starting from Netherlands, Philips grew across the world. The demand for the product in different parts of the world is different. Philips's product range grew as they expanded across the world.
  • Philips Radio
  • Philips Bulbs
  • Philips Mobile Phones
  • Philips cassette recorders
  • Philips CD players
  • Philips DVD players
  • Philips hair dryers
  • Philips shavers
  • Philips Headphones
  • Philips Headsets
  • Philips toothbrushes
  • Philips CT Scanners
  • Philips X-Ray Machines
  • Philips PET scanners
  • Philips Ultrasound scanners
  • Philips Air Fryers
  • Philips Air Coolers
  • Philips Air conditioners
  • Philips TVs
  • Philips Air Purifiers
  • Philips Audio Systems