What is Panasonic? - Japanese Electronic Product Manufacture


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Panasonic is a consumer and industrial focused electronic product manufacture based in Japan and manufacturing wide range of electrical products.


Panasonic is founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 13th of March 1918. At the start of the company it was named as Matusushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. In the initial stage of the organization Panasonic was a vendor of duple lamp sockets. Panasonic expanded the business to manufacturing lamps for bicycles in 1927 under the brand name of National.

During the world war 2, Panasonic operated their factories in Japan and some other parts of Asia to manufacture light fixtures, motors, electric irons and vacuum tubes.

After the world war 2, Matsushita traveled to United States of America in 1961 for a business discussion to manufacture televisions for the American market. Company used two different brand names in different regions in the world. For Europe company used Panasonic and for other regions as National.

Panasonic's founder Matsushita formed a new joint venture with Anam Group in 1973 as Anam National and sold the Anam National later in 1998 to the Anam Groupand in 1983. Panasonic launched the first IBM PC compatible Japanese made computer.

Panasonic grew their business in different regions by expanding the business the ground level of the country specified requirements and customization. Panasonic officially confirmed that the usage of brand name Panasonic in all regions in their product line in 26th of June 2008.

Panasonic is traded publicly on Tokyo stock exchange, Nagoya stock exchange and Philippines stock exchange. Panasonic is currently headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan.


Product range of Panasonic is extremely wide in the electronic business due to the present in large number of countries.
  • Panasonic Batteries
  • Panasonic Cameras
  • Panasonic Phones
  • Panasonic Air Conditioners
  • Panasonic Video Cameras
  • Panasonic SD Cards
  • Panasonic Home Network System
  • Panasonic Faxes
  • Panasonic Network Cameras
  • Panasonic Telephons
  • Panasonic Hair dryers
  • Panasonic Shavers
  • Panasonic Hair Trimmers
  • Panasonic TVs
  • Panasonic Radios
  • Panasonic Microwave Ovens
  • Panasonic Refrigerators
  • Panasonic Cookers
  • Panasonic Air Fryers
  • Panasonic Mixer Grinder
  • Panasonic DVD Players
  • Panasonic Hand Mixer
  • Panasonic Irons
  • Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners
  • Panasonic Washing Machines